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Bambi on finding magic in the strangest of places


You may know her from Tumblr, or the eyebrows, or you may know her as Stephanie Northwood-Blyth but model Bambi as we have all come to meet her, remains a benchmark to modelling longevity in the global fashion industry.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Bambi was discovered when she had missed university orientation and accidentally found herself in a modelling agency. Stephanie's given middle name ( Bambi) which soon became her title once being discovered by stylist Katie Grand and walking Loewe, Balenciaga and Chanel in 2011. From shooting with Steven Meisel for CK one to working with titles such as Self Service, i-D, RUSSH and Vogue, Bambi had well and truly established herself as one of the industry's most recognised faces.

Bambi for Balenciaga, Spring 2011.

Bambi for Chanel, Fall 2011.

Bambi for Loewe, RTW 2011.

Bambi photographed by Steven Meisel for CK one, 2011.

Being diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 from an early age meant creating an understanding of self-care from the beginning of her career. Bambi continues to be a leader in raising awareness on the diagnosis, where she actively promotes education on the chronic condition through social media and her opportunities speaking publically. As a young person who grew up in front of the world, creating an understanding and education for herself throughout it has helped raise wide acceptance of Diabetes Type 1, within and beyond the industry.

What-Else caught up with Bambi when she was back home for a second at the beginning of Spring where we photographed her with photographer Jess Ruby James and stylist Charlotte Agnew, and asked her a few questions on the Australian fashion industry and where she finds magic in her everyday.

What does the Australian fashion industry mean to you?

The Australian Fashion Industry means a lot to me. It was my launchpad into a global career and I am super grateful for that. I’ve worked with many amazing Australian creatives and brands, and created great relationships.

What remains a status quo in the global fashion industry that could create change for the better?


Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.

Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.

Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.

How can we work towards that change both collectively and as individuals?

Quality, care, ethical practices & simply just outfit repeat.

What is the best advice you would give to young models who look at your trajectory as their own inspiration?

I think we’re all still learning. You can’t compare the sun to the moon. I think it’s just important to believe that “you” have whatever it is you want inside of you.  Work hard, be humble and smile.

What has surprised you in life lately?

How time just keeps on moving. You have to make sure you stop every now and then to appreciate all the little moments that happen each day, otherwise they pass. Magic happens in the strangest places.

Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.
Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.

Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.

Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.

What would you say is vital to keeping you engaged and inspired in your work?

Working with people I trust. From my management team, to make up artists, stylists, photographers… I feel so lucky to have a handful of people I have worked with for over 10 years. When you have this unwavering trust, which makes it easier to grow, and keeping evolving.

You are an industry leader within fashion- what are your routines you follow ( physical and mental) to keep centered in yourself in this job?

Sleep. Exercise. Sweat. Walk. SWIM. Surround yourself with awe (go watch a sunrise or a sunset). I just find I have to get out of my own head. Keep learning, reading, studying. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Look after your skin.

Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.
Bambi photographed by Jess Ruby James.

Photography Jess Ruby James @ M.A.P

Stylist Charlotte Agnew

Model Bambi @ IMG

Hair Madison Voloshin @ Assembly Agency

Beauty Isabella Schimid @ Assembly Agency